Read this article and understand the different types of ecommerce websites and the reasons for use of these sites in the ecommerce world!

The ecommerce business world has a lot to offer and you know it! This is just one of the reasons why so many businesses decide to take their business to the next level and build their own online store.

In this article, we are going to talk about the ecommerce website types. We are going to help you understand the ecommerce websites and why they are so important!

  1. Transactional Site: The online shoppers are most familiar with this kind of website. The transactional ecommerce websites may be a catalog business, an electronic storefront for a brick and mortar retailer or a marketplace for manufacturers who want to sell directly to consumers. These sites can be on-premise or hosted and can enable consumers to search for, buy, and pay for products online, transfer full end-to-end transactions via the site, and enable consumers to get in touch with the company for additional after-sales services.
  2. StaticContent Site: These ecommerce websites generate sales by presenting corporate awareness and not by completing online transactions. The function of this website is similar to that of a catalog, it offers information and details about the product or service and important contact information on how to complete a purchase. This site is less expensive to build, design, and maintain because the website is static and doesn’t demand a software necessary for online transactions. This is an ideal website for businesses that market products and services that cannot be actually provided online.
  3. Auction Site: The online marketplaces or auction websites are hosted platforms that bring sellers and buyers at one place together to complete transactions. A great thing about these ecommerce websites is that your participation usually is an effective way of finding a new customer and potential buyer without the cost of building a transactional site. Some examples for auctions sites are,,,, and others. These websites are a smart choice to get started selling online. However, before you decide to rely on these websites, you need to come up a long-term ecommerce strategy.

Now that you are familiar with the ecommerce website available, you can decide which type of website suits your business needs, as well as, your budget the most!